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About Us


Blushing Chic started in 2018 when two sisters decided that they wanted to pursue their dreams. Erica (Left) since little had a love for fashion. She always knew what was chic and what wasn’t. She wanted to pursue a fashion career, but she never got the opportunity to pursue it. However, fashion was always a major part of her life!  Natalie (Right) love the world of business. Since little she knew she wanted to open a business. Natalie got the opportunity to go to college and she graduated with an accounting degree.

When Natalie graduated these two sisters thought it was time to pursue their dreams. With Erica’s expertise of fashion and Natalie’s knowledge of finance they knew they could bring people trendy and affordable clothing and accessories. They knew it was going to be hard especially since they come from a family that had no knowledge about owning a business. But that wasn’t going to stop these two sisters!

They reached out to local entrepreneurs for guidance. With the money they had saved they bought their first merchandise of accessories. They saw how much their customers love Blushing Chic’s accessories that they decided to expand to clothing.

Blushing Chic is a boutique that works hard to bring its customers the trendiest clothing and accessories. We know that fashion is very important to so many people! Blushing Chic hopes that each and every customer is happy with their purchase… And who knows,

Blushing Chic may come near you!